Senin, 16 April 2012

Just Me

Hey everyone !
Let's me intoduction my self to you :)
My full name is Fatimah Zahrah.
Almost my friend call me with Faza.
But my family call me Sarah.
I was born on December 1993. Yes, I am Capricorn girl :D
This my photo when I was baby. I am so cute, right? haha

I studied at Kartini Kindergarten on 1998 until 1999.
And then I continued my school at 03 Elementary School, West Jakarta on 1999 until 2005.
That is my photo with my classroom.
my Elementary School Friends
After that, I studied at 48 Junior High School on 2005-2008.
my Friends on Paskibra;s eksul
Then, I continued my study at Muhammadiyah 18 Senior High School. 
This is my graduation photo in Muhammadiyah 18 SHS.
graduation moment
After I graduated from SHS, I choice to continued my study at Gunadarma University, majoring System Information. This is my best friend on campus :)
my friends on campus

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