Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

B l a n k .

That is a quotes about friendship like this,
"your best friends doesn't leave you in every situation and condition".

In real life, people comes and go.
Almost people comes into your life are gone.
You will forget them.
And they also forget about you.

Only a little of them still stay beside you.

Does little of them stay forever?
The answer is Big No.

Maybe every people has their best friend.
I also have best friends.
But, for me the truely and the real best friend is my mom and God.

In some conditions, I can't sharing about my bad life to my best friends.
But, with my mom and God, I can tell them everything about my life.
I also crying when I pray to God.

My mom is my everything :)

I still remember.
When I am down, I only crying and crying all day long in my bed.
And than my mom come to me and her hug me and she erase my tears.
Oh God, I am so melting when she hug me.....

God, I love my mom so much.
She is a angel in my life.
She is my hero.

Thanks mom for being the best mother in my life! :)

This is for u mamah <3

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